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August 6, 2017
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#226:  Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel


Instructions: Listen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks in the transcript below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but if you're an advanced student, try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video, without looking at the missing words and phrases. The answers are given at the end of the transcript.

Main Features:  There are three main features in this lesson.  1) The word "have" sometimes sounds like "av" (the "h" is silent).  You'll hear this sound 3 times in this lesson.  2) The word "you" often sounds like "ya".  You'll hear this sound twice in this video.  You'll also hear the phrase "about you" when it sounds like "about chu".  3) The word "to" often sounds like "ta" or "da" (or something in between).  You'll hear these sounds 9 times in this lesson, such as in the phrases "had to" (had ta) and "trying to" (tryin da).  These sounds even appear in words like "tonight" (ta-nite or da-nite), "tomorrow" (tamorrow or damorrow).

Missing Words and Phrases (17):  About you [about chu]; had to [had ta]; have [av] (3 times); he [ee]; to [da] (4 times); to [ta]; tonight [danight]; tomorrow [tamorrow]; trying to [tryin da]; want to [wanna]; you [ya] (2 times).

Introduction:  At the beginning of the video, Jimmy Kimmel, the host of a talk show on television, is mad at actor Matt Damon, but it's acting only.  He's not really mad at him.


I don’t _______ ruin the mood, but I am beside myself [1] with rage right now.  Can you see me, how much I'm shaking?  Look at this.  Look at my hand.  I'm very angry because Matt Damon… Do you know who that is? 

{Audience:}  Wooo!

I didn't ask for shouts of joy.  Anyway, he has a {stops},  Matt Damon has a new Jason Borne movie [2] coming out ________.  I ____ no plans _____ see it.  I don’t know anybody that wants _____ see it, but he's going around _________ convince people _____ waste money on it.  And this is what happened last night when _____ was on the Tonight Show.

I read everything _________, I've seen you on talk shows, uh, you've been on like Jimmy Kimmel, I've seen that.

No, no, no, no.

No, you haven't?

I haven't.

No, that's right.  Well, maybe one day.

By the way, you called me, wanna invite, boom, here. [3]

That's it. [4]

I made it on the show. 


{Audience shouts.}

That's how _____ host a talk show! 

That hurts too.

That's… {Talking over each other.}

That's gotta hurt.

Hurt his feelings.

Oh really?  That's how _____ host a talk show?  Well, then I ____ some very bad news for you.  You're not getting on the show _______ again either. 

{Audience applauds and yells.  A shot of Matt sitting in a room, gesturing while watching Jimmy Kimmel on TV.}

That's right!  You're not on this show again tonight!  Sorry, dummy.  We can't hear anything you say.  And you can sit there all night long for all I care [5].  I ____ better guests anyway, jerk.  Poor Greg Kinnear ______ be siamese twins [6] with that guy for a whole movie [7].

Do you love clicking buttons and subscribing _____ things?  Then click the button to subscribe _____ my channel and you'll finally be happy.


[1] Beside oneself = to be overcome by worry or anger.
[2] Matt's movie came out a year ago, in July, 2016.
[3] You called me, wanna invite, boom, here. = Matt is speaking in short, broken sentences.  The full sentence is something like this:  "You called me and said 'I want to invite you onto my show'.  Boom!  Here I am."
[4] That's it = This phrase has several meanings, but here it means that something is finished or completed.
[5] For all I care = The person who says this doesn't care at all.  It's the opposite of feeling sorry for someone.
[6] Siamese twins = Identical twins that are physically joined together.
[7] Greg Kinnear had to be siamese twins with that guy for a whole movie = In the comedy movie "Stuck on You", Matt Damon and actor Greg Kinnear were siamese twins.  Jimmy Kimmel is feeling sorry for Greg Kinnear because he was stuck to Matt Damon for an entire movie.


1) want to [wanna]
2) tomorrow [tamorrow]
3) have [av]
4) to [da]
5) to [da]
6) trying to [tryin da]
7) to [da]
8) he [ee]
9) about you [about chu]
10) you [ya]
11) you [ya]
12) have [av]
13) tonight [danight]
14) have [av]
15) had to [had ta]
16) to [ta]
17) to [da]

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