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August 16, 2017
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#228: Chris Pratt on Jimmy Kimmel's Show


Instructions:  Listen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks in the transcript below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but if you're an advanced student, try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video, without looking at the missing words and phrases.  The answers are given at the end of the lesson.

Main Features:  This video lesson has two main features.  1) The word "to" can sound like [da], [ta], or [na] and appears 11 times in this video.  2) You'll also hear the questions "How are you doing?", "Where are you from?" and other common phrases. 

Missing Words and Phrases (19):  Because [cuz]; going to [gonna]; How are you doing [How ya doin]; how to [how da]; must have been [must ev been]; them [em]; to [da] (5 times); to [ta]; tonight [danight]; tonight [tanight]; want to [wanna]; what do you [whad du yu]; what do you [whadda you]; where are [where er]; you [ya].


Every night we have celebrity guests who come to the show to promote their various projects, but our studio audience never gets a chance to promote any of the exciting things happening in their lives.  And I _______ change that, so it's time now for our first ever installment of "___________ have to plug [1]?"

{Applause} I'm looking for, I'm looking for an audience member -- Yes! -- with something _____ promote.  Ok, we'll start {stops}.  Ok, yeah.  The lady with the black, ok, yeah, the lady with the black sweater.  What is your name?


And _________ you from, Herrera?

Seattle.  [2]

Seattle, Washington.  ___________ have to plug _______?

Uh, my niece Xavi [3] plays on the ladies under team [4] in, uh, Tacoma [5] and they're having a fundraiser on Saturday at Applebees [6].

Oh, great! 

From 8 to 10 a.m.

Ok.  {Applause} What sport is it?

Uh, basketball.

Oh, basketball.  Good.  And then there {stops} And people can come _____ that and do what?

Yeah, so go and buy breakfast and then they'll donate part of the proceeds [7] to the team.  That helps pay for travel, coaching -- it's totally non-profit.

We got it.  Ok, very good.  Alright, that's a good plug.  Alright.  We have another {one}.  Alright, this guy right here.  Yes.  What's your name?  And where are you from?

My name's Jeff.

Oh, hi, Jeff.  _________________?


What's your plug?  Good, thank you.

Um, I just moved here from Boston [8].

Oh, wow.  Welcome.  Welcome.

Thank you.  Um, I'm here _____ plug Stick Figure music, my brother's reggae band.  You can check it out on i-tunes.

Oh, your brother has a reggae band, huh?

He does, yeah.

You know, white guys and reggae bands -- those are the best reggae bands.

I know!  You should check ____ out.

Ok, that's good.  You're {stop}.

Check them out on i-tunes or stickfiguremusic.com.

Very good!  Alright, that's a good plug for your brother.  Alright, we have time for only one more.  I'm sorry.  Yes, this gentleman right here, in the leather jacket.  What's your name and where are you from?

Uh, do I stand up? 

Yeah, you can {Applause}.


Yeah, uh.


Wow, you're {stops, changes}.  You ______________ popular in line, I guess, huh?  What's your name?  Your name and where you're from.

Oh.  Hi, Jimmy.  My name's Chris. 

Oh, hi there.  Hi, Chris.

I'm from Lake Stevens, Washington.

Oh, very good!  Welcome!  What is it that you do for a living, Chris?

I’m, uh, I'm an actor.

Really!  Oh.  You look like a toll booth operator or something.  Yeah.

No, I'm an actor.

_______ you look like a dog-washer or maybe a guy that carries buckets around.  Do you work with buckets or anything like that?

Uh, no, no.  I do the acting thing.

We'll agree _____ disagree on this, I guess.

I've been on your show.  Ok.

Do you have something that you would like _____ plug _______?

Yes!  I'm here _____ plug a new movie.

Oh!  Is it like a youtube thing or something?

No, no.  It's a real movie.  Um, it opens May 5th.  It's called "Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2".


I'm not {stops}.  Well, that's {stops}.  Well, congratulations!  I've never heard of it, but congratulations!  That sounds great.

Yeah, no.  Yeah, the first, the first movie was, uh, it was, it was pretty cool.

It did?  Well, people saw it?

Yeah {applause}.

What was that one?  What was the f{stops}, what was the original, the first one called?

The first one {"Yeah."} was called "Guardians of the Galaxy" and we've made one called "Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2".

None of this rings a bell [9].  Can I be honest with ___?  I don’t {stops}.

Totally! [10]  No, that's the point.

What is the movie about because I don't, uh {stop}.

Oh, I play a character called Peter Quill.  He's also known as "Star Lord". 


And uh, there's a, there's a hot green alien and we save the universe.  There's a raccoon who has a machine gun, talks a lot of smack [11].  There's a sentient tree who only knows ______ say his own name.

Are you on drugs or something?




No, I'm not.  It's a really good movie and I think people are ________ like it.


What {stops}.  I talked to your producers.  I brought a clip, like a preview. Like a {stops}

Oh, really?


Alright, fine.  This is the trailer for... What's it called?  "Garbly Galaxy"? [12]


It's "Garbly Galaxy", yes.  "Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2".

Here it is!  What he said.

{The trailer is very similar to the trailer in our previous lesson, #227.  That trailer is clearer than this one, so please see the previous lesson.}

{The trailer ends.  Applause.}

{Unclear; then to Chris at 6:19 of the video:}

You're really in it? 

{Chris nods}

Yeah, that's great!  Alright.  So just to recap [13].  Just to recap:  Herrera's niece has a fundraiser at Applebees in Tacoma, Jeff's band {corrects} brother's band {"Reggae band."}.  Don't bother with that.  And, uh, and Chris has got a new movie about outer space and aliens!  Alright.


Hi, I'm Jimmy Kimmel.  If you liked that, click the "subscribe" button below and good things will happen forever.


[1] To plug something = to give praise or attention to a new book, movie, etc. in order to encourage people to buy it or see it.
[2] Seattle = a city in the northwestern part of the USA in the state of Washington.
[3] Xavi = I think that's her name!  It could short for Xavia, Xaviera, or Xavière.
[4] The ladies under team = I think she left out the age, e.g., "the ladies under-16 team" or "the ladies under-18 team", that is, a team for girls under the age of 16 or 18, respectively.
[5] Tacoma = a city in the state of Washington that's about 34 miles (54 km) south of Seattle.
[6] Applebees = a restaurant that has locations throughout most of the USA.
[7] The proceeds = the money obtained from an event or activity.
[8] Boston = a city on the east coast, north of New York.  It's about 3,000 miles (5,000 km) east of Seattle.
[9] To ring a bell = to be familiar with something.  Jimmy's saying that he's not familiar with the movie.
[10] Totally = Chris is saying, "You can be totally honest with me.  I'm not offended that you haven't heard of the movie."  And "that's the point" = that's the point of having us come on your show and tell people about our new activities.
[11] To talk smack = to annoy or insult an opponent or cast doubt on that person's ability. This is usually said during a sports game when one player talks smack to a person on the other team that he/she is competing against.
[12] Garble = to distort something which then creates a wrong impression.  It can also mean unclear or distorted speech.
[13] to recap = to review or summarize something.


1) want to [wanna]
2) What do you [whadda you]
3) to [da]
4) where are [where er]
5) What do you [whad du yu]
6) tonight [tanight]
7) to [da]
8) How are you doing [How ya doin]
9) to [da]
10) them [em]
11) must have been [must ev been]
12) Because [cuz]
13) to [da]
14) to [da]
15) tonight [danight]
16) to [ta]
17) you [ya]
18) how to [how da]
19) going to [gonna]

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