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August 25, 2017
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#229: Theresa Caputo on Steve Harvey's Show


Instructions:  Listen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks in the transcript below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but if you're an advanced student, try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video, without looking at the missing words and phrases.  The answers are given at the end of the lesson.

Main Features:  There are four important features in this video.  1) The word "because" often sounds like "cuz" (3 times).  2) The "h" is silent in the words "her" ("er") and "his" ("is").  3) The phrase "wouldn't have" also has a silent "h" and sounds something like "woodnev" (2 times).  4) There's a combination of several sounds in the sentence "I want you to be happy", which sounds like "I want chu da be happy".

Missing Words and Phrases (18):  because [cuz] (3 times); did you [did ju] (2 times); going to [gonna]; her [er]; his [is] (2 times); to [da] (2 times); to [ta] (2 times); want to [wanna]; want you to be [want chu da be]; wouldn't have [woodnev] (2 times); you've got to [you gotta].

Background:  Steve Harvey is the host of a TV show.  His guest is Theresa Caputo, a medium who is able to help people who have lost a loved one. 


Alright, before the break [1], uh, Theresa, uh, started to read our audience, but spirit is still communicating with her.  Theresa, go for it [2].

Can you please stand up, the man with the green shirt?

I need a drink, man.  I need a drink.  I need some scotch.

Channeling...  You would need more than one scotch, so just {stops}.

Yeah, {mumbles}.

What happens is, what I asked to be done was to bring forward other souls, but more importantly your son says, "Mom, you _____________ known that I was going to depart."


Do you understand that?


He says, "Nobody knew."


Oh, he also shows me his sweatshirt.  So do you have his sweatshirt or _____ jacket that you wear?

{She nods.}

So know that when you wear that, know that his soul is with you.  _______ make a blanket or quilt out of _____ clothing?

I'm starting to, yeah.

Perfect!  It means that he supports all of the choices and decisions.  So if you don't think that he's at peace, there's no way that I would know that.  He says, "I" {changes}.  Oh, he also talks about his headstone [3].


He says it's very different.  He shows me this big, black headstone.  I can see my reflection in it {nods} and it's very unique _______ you have like either something, his picture engraved and then some type of saying on there.

It says, "Come sit with me a while and take a break."  And it says "219", for our area code [4] and it's got a verse of a Harry Chapin song that was kind of like a {stops}.

Perfect.  To validate that every choice and decision that you ever made with your son, alive and also departed, he says, "I _______ thank you for giving me that gift."  He says, "And I want you, mom, to know that I live life through your eyes.  So I ______________ happy.  So know every time you smile, my soul is smiling in heaven. 

{She whispers something.}

{To someone else.}

Your daughter shows me the butterflies, ma'am.  So do you connect with the butterflies?


Perfect.  So know that when you see the butterflies, you {just?} know that it's the butterflies...  _______ do something with your daughter's handprint after she died, on a sheet or something, where you did a family handprint?

Um, when my daughter passed away, the nurse at the hospital printed my daughter's hand and her footprint on a {summerset?} heart.

Perfect.  So you know, to validate, that it was her soul's time _____ leave.  Let me ask you this:  Was there a point where she got better? 

Before she passed away.

Because I said to her, I go, "What are you, why, what are you {stops}." She's showing me like doing all these great things.  And she keeps talking about Disney and all this stuff.  And I said to her, I go, "What is that?"  She goes, "Teresa," she goes, "I am so thankful that I was blessed with another brief time here of not being sick" she says "because I was able to do so many things with my family."  She says, "And I wouldn't have traded that for anything."  She goes, "But then I went so quickly after that."

Really fast.

She says, "Mom, I want you _____ focus on that time, that extra time I was given back.  And I _____________ traded that for anything."  And she tells me you smell her. 

I do!

So know that when you do, know that she's with you at that exact moment.  You also have things in your car in memory of her?  Does it fall and move like when you're driving? 


That's her!  Hahaha.  I said to her, "You better be careful!  Your momma's ________ crash _____ car!" 

{Applause; laughs.  Steve's looking at her like she's crazy}.


Are you alright?

No, this is crazy right here.  See {stops}. 

See {stops}. 

See, I sit here {stops}.  You, you, you {stops}.  See, see... This is crazy _____ me.  _____________ go get this book.  I'm, man, I'm scared holding {stops}.  My hand is wet!  You know what I'm saying?  Look at my hands!  My hands are sweaty!  My hand is wet!  _______ I've been sitting over here, _______ I get... It's just crazy.  I love you.  You're one of my favorite guests!  Give it up [5] for Theresa, everybody.


And remember, her new book is called, "Good Grief.  Heal your soul, honor your loved ones, and learn _____ live again."  And Theresa is sending everybody in our studio audience home with a copy!


[1] Before the break = Before the commercial break = The commercial break is over and now the show's on again.

[2] Go for it =  Go ahead and do it.

[3] Headstone = A stone marker that's placed over someone's grave.

[4] Area code = A three-digit number that indicates the area where the owner of that number lives.

[5] Give it up for someone = He's telling the audience to applaud.


1) wouldn't have [woodnev]
2) his [is]
3) Did you [did ju]
4) his [is]
5) because [cuz]
6) want to [wanna]
7) want you to be [want chu da be]
8) Did you [did ju]
9) to [ta]
10) to [da]
11) wouldn't have [woodnev]
12) going to [gonna]
13) her [er]
14) to [da]
15) You've got to [you gotta]
16) Because [cuz]
17) because [cuz]
18) to [ta]


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