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December 3, 2017
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#248:  Liquid Sand Hot Tub


Instructions:  Listen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but advanced students should try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video (without looking at the list of missing words and phrases).  The answers are given at the end of the lesson.

Main Features:  This video contains two main features.  1) The word "to" often sounds like "ta" or "da".  You'll hear these sounds 12 times in this video, including the phrases "how to" [how da] and "wanted to" [wanned da]2) This video also has the following combinations of sounds: 

-- that will give you [that ull give ya];
-- decided to put to [decided da put da];
-- today I'm going to show you how to [taday ahm gonna show ya how da]; 

Missing Words and Phrases (15):  can see [kin see] (2 times); decided to put to [decided da put da]; his [is]; how to [how da]; that will give you [that ull give ya]; to [ta; da] (4 times); to be [ta be]; today I'm going to show you how to [taday ahm gonna show ya how da]; together [tagether]; wanted to [wanned da]; you [ya].

Background:  This video has some gaps in between the blocks of speech, so I've marked the times when the speech begins and ends in the transcript. 


I'm sitting in a hot tub filled to the brim [1] with solid sand.  {Laughs.}  This is one of the coolest things ever.  If _____ take a tub of sand like this and then add air in just the right way it basically becomes a liquified soup.  {0:17}

{0:47}  In science this is known as a fluidized bed.  It's used in industrial applications such as powder coat painting or in grain silos _____ make sure that the grain flows smoothly to the outlet. {0:57}

{1:07}  The air on the top surface is nearly frictionless.  It's like an air hockey table.  And then when you cut off the air, it freezes everything exactly where it's at. {1:19}

{1:37}  So __________________________________ make a simple version like this yourself and then, because I became curious myself what it would feel like _____ fully immersed in something like this, we made a hot tub-sized version.  

As you _______ from this 60-year-old video from the Royal Institute of Science, this demo isn't exactly new.  I've _________ build one for a long time, but you can find literally no information online on ______ make one like that.  

So I started combing through a bunch of patent drawings for massive industrial-sized fluid beds and I noticed that instead of one big inlet, they all had a bunch of small holes _____ deliver the air. 

So starting with that in mind, it still took us 25 failed versions before we arrived at this design.  As you _______, it's just a bunch of half-inch PVC pipes [2] arranged sort of in a ladder, but the key is _____ drill two 1-millimeter holes 90 degrees apart from each other and then drill a bunch of those spaced 25 millimeters apart.  Then you glue all the pipes ________ and just make sure you orient the holes down so that will keep the sand from getting in.  And then you just seal off the container with some hot glue and then fill your container with either fine sand or we found glass beads worked really well.  And you can power it with a small air compressor like this or you could just rent a large nitrogen container like this for about 30 bucks [2] and __________________ 10 minutes of run time.

As usual I will put a link to all of the parts I used _____ build in the video description.

So my buddy Ken had a old, broken spa in _____ back yard which we _________________ good use. {2:54}

{3:12}  {Laughs.}  What happened?  It just stopped and you're like locked in place.  It's like a weighted blanket on every surface of your body.  {Laughs.}  Ahhh. {3:23}

{3:50}  Now that it's tested and ready, in my on-going quest to be the favorite uncle, I decided to surprise my nephews with it.  Woah, woah.  {Screams; laughs.} {4:10}

{The video shows them playing in the sand for a few seconds.}

{4:18}  But before we get to swimming in sand, let's talk about the science behind a fluidized bed.  {You can skip the rest of the video.  He talks about science for 3 minutes, then says this:}

{7:18}  Whew!  We made it through.  Now back to my nephews.  {More video footage of them playing in the sand.}

{8:44}  {End of the fluidized bed.  He then gives a commercial for Casper beds.}


[1] Filled to the brim = filled all the way to the top.
[2] PVC pipes = Polyvinyl chloride pipes.
[3] 30 bucks = A "buck" is a colloquial way of saying a dollar so "30 bucks" means $30.


1) you [ya]
2) to [ta]
3) today I'm going to show you how to [taday ahm gonna show ya how da]
4) to be [ta be]
5) can see [kin see]
6) wanted to [wanned da]
7) how to [how da]
8) to [ta]
9) can see [kin see]
10) to [da]
11) together [tagether]
12) that will give you [that ull give ya]
13) to [ta]
14) his [is]
15) decided to put to [decided da put da]

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