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March 24, 2018
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One quite morrow in my solitary frame

I noticed your exquisite presence

You joined me in my moment

You got my hands

From my sitting position you made me stand 

I rested my hands on your nape

Accompanied by the sweet music

Of the rustling air and chirping of birds,

We started to dance

Till we reached the zenith of the mountain 

It looked like I was in paradise

That with you I couldn't feel 

the sensualities of the earth

Only the joyfulness that can't be bought by anything, 

overwhelmed my feeling.

March 24, 2018
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Heaves of sigh

Faith runs dry

Aridity strikes me again 

I am too tired to go on

You hide yourself once more

I feel alone, like a gloomy morrow

I parch like a riverbank in the desert 

I wait for a downpour, enough to sustain me

I am very weak without your presence

I can't carry my cross without you

Please come on to me

Come on to home, come on to my inner room

Please do not delay on showing yourself to me

I can't work out my tasks

My confidence is failing me

And I am betrayed by my weakness

Which is to yearn for your embrace. 

March 19, 2018
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Nobody speaks

Nobody is here except me 

Nobody is willing to comfort me

Nobody has a heart of gold

Nobody is a nobody

Has a body but doesn't seem to have a body

Can a nobody be a somebody?

For sure a somebody can be a nobody

What do you think?

Could you help me think about how to have a helping hand?

A helping hand?


A hand that stretches toward the poor soul.

I am heaving sighs

Anybody wants me to die