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January 17, 2018
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How many people would you expect to be directly affected by workplace bullying these days? 20%? 30%?  You may not realise it, but workplace bullying actually affects 70% of Australian people over their lifetime. It may not be in the forefront of your mind all the time, but make no mistake – workplace bullying is a big issue, and it could be bringing your business right down. 

Workplace bullying training can take on bullying in many forms.  As many of us remember in school, bullying can be performed in many different ways and can take on a number of forms. Cyberbullying is one such example – over social media, email or other online or electronic platforms.  Physical bullying is a big issue as well – roughhousing, fighting etc. Finally, emotional bullying – tormenting co-workers or making them feel excluded. Contrary to popular belief, bullying doesn’t necessarily have to be direct to the face of the victim, passive bullying can be just as, or even more harmful to a person’s wellbeing. 

Workplace Bullying training identifies the problem at its core and uses specialised processes to eliminate negative behaviour from the workplace. After all, bullying isn’t just a matter of individual well-being, it’s also a matter of occupational health and safety. Legally, as the proprietor of a business, there are certain rules you need to adhere to in regards to bullying, and you should take the time to identify what they are. 

Workplace bullying training can be as simple as a one-day management session which will assist you in identifying problems in your building and solving them appropriately. A half-day occupational health and safety awareness program is another option, and might just be what you need. Put the health and safety of your workers first, and look into bullying consulting.

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