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Who's or Whose (Grammar)

Who's or Whose (Grammar)

Date: May 13 2013

Topic: Grammar

Author: BeatriceChiu


Photo: 哪一個才是正確答案呢??


Who's = Who is
Whose = 某人的東西

那為什麼不選"4"呢? 因為題目很清楚的說"The man next door"~ 個壁的那位男人, 就只有一位, 所以neighbour's 才是對的~而不是neighbours'


neighbour: 英國用的鄰居
neighbor: 美國用的鄰居

The correct answer is "3." 
"Who's" is short for "Who is."
"Whose" is used to describe items that belong to someone.

According to the question " The man next door has....," which indicates "one neighbour." So you have to choose the third answer because the neighbour in the sentence is singular.

Neighbour: British English
Neighbor: American English 


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